14 Feb 2018

Mathematical Wednesday: Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! For this week, I wanted to do something related to Valentine's day. I decided to create something that would draw hearts on a canvas. The mathematical function of the heart is two functions, one for the x coordinate, and one for the y-coordinate. My source for the mathematical function is from MathWorld. It didn't turn out as pretty as I want, but I still like it. It looks better in full-screen.

See the Pen MW: Week 7 (Valentine's Day) by Douglas (@tab) on CodePen.

7 Feb 2018

Mathematical Wednesday: First Week!

Hello, world! My name is Douglas, and I'm going to start a mathematical series. Each wednesday I will program something mathematical. It is mostly going to be something visual or artistic. For the first week I started simple, by creating a unit circle. You can see the code in the box below.

See the Pen Mathematical Wednesday 6, 2018 by Douglas (@tab) on CodePen.